Donald Trump Rages on Twitter, Screams About Healthcare, Media, Russia and North…

Hell Hath No Fury Like Donald Trump On Twitter

Donald Trump unleashed his seething, impotent rage on Twitter this morning with a collection of tweets that scorched throughout social media…and gained’t do a lot else.

And man, he coated all of it. North Korea. Hillary Clinton. Well being care. The Russian investigation. The media. Donald Trump took to his Twitter and completely unloaded, like a teenage woman together with her diary, solely he’s a very previous man with entry to the nuclear codes and his Twitter account is definitely public, so it appears quite a bit much less applicable and a hell of much more harmful.

Trump started his lengthy, unusual Twitter rant with a jab at Rand Paul and a peek at his fury over the present well being care debacle.

After which, as a result of Trump can’t focus and since he’s an individual who truly thinks tweeting is a beneficial use of his time, he moved on to North Korea. I imply, in fact he did. Why wouldn’t the President of america tackle an extremely tense state of affairs that appears to be escalating to the purpose of precise nuclear warfare on Twitter?

Then he shortly retweeted the next, as a result of I feel he thinks it means he’s common.

(Spoiler alert: He isn’t.)

Once more, not sane conduct.

Trump Talks Russia

Then Trump reminds us all that he refuses to consider what all the American intelligence communities have repeatedly stated: That Russia meddled within the election.

His repeated denial of this virtually looks like he has one thing to cover…

That was truly kind of a Trump trifecta – with Russia, media and Hillary Clinton, all in one hundred forty characters or much less. And it should have felt good to unleash about his previous foes, as a result of he determined to tweet about Clinton and the media once more.

So yeah. There you’ve it. Whereas on the United Nations, at a time when the nation is in a protracted struggle within the Center East, with looming threats from North Korea, and other people rising sick and dying for lack of unpolluted water in Flint, Michigan, and an enormous struggle over well being care in Congress, and the financial system, and truthfully, I might go on and on…

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