IRMA: Manatee dairy farm losing thousands of gallons of milk each day

A lot of residents needed to toss out spoiled meals from freezers and fridges because of Hurricane Irma.

  • Dakin Dairy Farms says $30,000 taking place the drain every day
  • Shops not taking milk because it must be refrigerated
  • Dairy farm continues to be open for enterprise

At a Manatee County dairy farm, the toll from Irma is inflicting about $30,000 to go down the drain every day. Staff say they’re throwing away hundreds of gallons of milk.

“The milk that’s produced now, there’s simply no shops open. All of our milk often goes south of us,” stated Jerry Dakin, proprietor of Dakin Dairy Farms.

Within the sixteen years he has owned the enterprise, he has by no means seen a lot milk go to waste. Shops aren’t taking it as a result of the milk must be refrigerated.

Although the farm cannot promote most of its milk, the cows have to proceed pumping for his or her well being. Meaning increasingly milk going to waste.

“We have watched 60,000 gallons of milk go down the drain within the type of skim, and that is simply an unbelievable sum of money,” stated plant supervisor Tony Wahl. “And there is simply a lot that milk might do to feed individuals and assist individuals. Simply an enormous monetary loss.”

On prime of the hundreds of dollars misplaced every day is the structural injury the enterprise suffered throughout Irma. However not the whole lot was a complete loss.

“We’re lucky we have now a separator the place we’re separating the milk and taking the fats off, in order that cream can go to ice cream or butter,” Dakin stated.

The dairy farm continues to be open for enterprise. Dakin is promoting recent milk straight from the farm.

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