Trump wants to pull out of storm-torn Puerto Rico, but Twitter ain’t having it

Donald Trump Tweets About Puerto Rico

Only a mere three weeks after Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane, because the island continues to be largely with out water and electrical energy, as Americans flounder and die, Donald Trump issued warnings about FEMA and different rescue aid help pulling out. In doing so, the President of america additionally determined that a part of making America nice once more entails blaming Puerto Rico for the injury brought on by the hurricane, chide them for a scarcity of “accountability,” and usually be an asshole about all of it.

No such threats have been issued towards Texas and Florida, of which each states went for Trump within the disasterous 2016 election. And in case you are asking your self why Puerto Rico is being handled in another way than Texas and Florida, and questioning if it might need to do with the truth that lots of them have brown pores and skin, give up your questioning.

You’re proper.

Twitter Claps Again At Trump

Twitter was rightfully and righteously angered by Trump’s lack of primary kindness and humanity – and surplus of blatant racism.

Yeah, I don’t assume he truly cares.

Good query, Senator. I feel we answered it above. It’s as a result of they’re brown.

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