Trump Wants to Resume Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Despite ‘War Crime’ Allegations

Trump Isn’t About To Let Human Rights Considerations Get In The Method Of Promoting Arms To Saudi Arabia

The Obama administration stopped promoting arms to Saudi Arabia due to the nation’s human rights abuses when it got here to the struggle it’s waging on Yemen. Nicely, guess who needs to get again to promoting Saudi weapons? Yup, Donald Trump.

Because the Unbiased reviews, the UN is worried by how Saudi is conducting itself because it fights towards Houthi rebels. In reality, the gross sales of arms to Saudi have been halted after they bombed a funeral in Yemen that killed over one hundred. In line with Al Monitor, that sale concerned a $350 million in “precision-guided” munitions.

Final fall, Congress received concerned with blocking the sale of $1 billion in tanks to Saudi, and Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of the Senate Overseas Relations Committee vows to dam Trump’s efforts to ship arms to Saudi as soon as once more.

“We heard testimony within the Overseas Relations Committee that nothing has gotten higher with respect to Saudi concentrating on. I don’t know why we might give them precision-guided munitions that permit them to focus on civilians extra effectively.”

So, who’s spearheading this effort? As The Washington Publish reviews, it’s the controversial new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, that’s who. Tillerson appears to have a passion for Saudi Arabia. Throughout Senate affirmation hearings he wouldn’t condemn Saudi (or Russia for that matter) as a human rights violator. Why? Probably due to his previous because the CEO of Exxon Mobil who he nonetheless has robust connections with. What does Saudi have that a CEO of Exxon Mobil can be involved in? Oh, proper. Oil. A lot of it.

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So, what’s the objective right here? Properly, it seems that Trump and Tillerson are fascinated with nearer relations with Saudi so as to higher oppose Iran. The Houthi rebels in Yemen are Iranian backed whereas the federal government of the nation is backed by Saudi and the US. Promoting arms to Saudi to offer them an higher hand within the battle wouldn’t solely convey Saudi and the US nearer, it’s a smack within the face of Iran which Trump has no love for.