What Will It Take For Trump Supporters To Fall Out Of Love With Dear Leader?

Trump Supporters Stand By Their Man No Matter How Completely Ridiculous His Presidency Has Been

Right here’s a hypothetical state of affairs for you. Let’s say Donald Trump went on tv, proper now, and introduced to the world that he plans to decrease healthcare prices in America by euthanizing the aged. Sure, I acknowledge how ridiculous that is — even Trump wouldn’t go that far (knock on wooden). However let’s simply fake for a second that he did. How would Trump supporters react to this proclamation?

You’d assume these “household values” voters can be the angriest of everybody of anybody in America or the world, proper? In any case, it was their ilk who so vehemently opposed Obamacare within the early days of that laws over the make-consider “Demise panels”, proper?

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Nicely, if their reactions to Trump’s different scandals  — he’s had them weekly, if not every day, it appears — are in any respect telling, I feel we will all safely assume how Trump supporters would react. They’ll label it “Pretend information” and attempt to fake it didn’t occur, a ruse which they’d proceed solely lengthy sufficient to concoct a protection of Trump’s horrendous coverage.

“They’re previous, they deserve it!” they’d bitterly shout. “Have you learnt who likes the aged? OBAMA! Obama needs to kill everybody beneath sixty five!” Breitbart would put out a listicle of “Ten Causes Your Grandma Hates America” and Fox Information pundits would proclaim Medicare as a key element in some evil socialist plot.

A few of you studying this are saying “No method, Trump supporters are higher than that! They’re smarter than that!” However are they? Let’s look at a number of of Trump’s previous scandals, we could?

Trump Supporters Will Again Pricey Chief No Matter What Occurs

Twenty years in the past, or perhaps even ten years in the past, any of Donald Trump’s average-sized scandals can be sufficient to finish his presidency in a single serving. And but someway, Trump’s most avid backers will stand behind him even when these scandals are twice as highly effective because the asteroid that wiped the dinosaurs off the face of the Earth.

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Trump defending white supremacists and referring to Nazis as “Good individuals” ought to’ve been greater than sufficient to finish his presidency. Had any of Trump’s predecessors stated one thing that heinous, they’d have been censured, investigated, and pushed into resignation. However even understanding that their continued allegiance with Trump associates them immediately with white nationalist scum, Trump supporters are fast to defend Pricey Chief and decide up on his rhetoric.

You’ve seen Trump supporters make these arguments just lately. All of us have. “There was violence on BOTH sides! The alt-left is filled with terrorists! If Antifa by no means confirmed up Heather Heyer would nonetheless be alive!”

These arguments are, in fact, utter nonsense. However Donald Trump stated…

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